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Starting the Year with a New Puppy or Kitten!

Puppies and kittens are a cute addition to the family and to ensure they grow into happy and healthy dogs and cats, it’s important to follow the health advice of your veterinarian.

The team at Sydney Animal Hospitals are here to help keep your new pet happy and healthy, and during January, February and March, our focus is on all things puppies and kittens!

Good nutrition is vital to ensuring that your new puppy or kitten develops strong bones, a shiny coat and has the energy needed for lots of activity. Depending on your pet’s breed and lifestyle, our veterinarians can provide advice specific to your new pet.

Sydney Animal Hospitals stock a range of Hill’s puppy and kitten food, and we’re offering a free sample bag of Hill’s food when you book in for a free puppy or kitten health check with one of our veterinarians during January to March.

Sydney Animal Hospitals

It’s also important to protect your new puppy or kitten from parasites such as intestinal worms, heart-worm, fleas and ticks and mites. Intestinal worms can cause your puppy or kitten to lose weight and body condition, and can also cause gastro-intestinal disturbance such as diarrhoea.

Heartworm can be transmitted to your pet by mosquito bites, and can be a potentially fatal condition for pets. There are many species of ticks in Australia which can be deadly, so it’s very important to protect your pet from ticks.

During our free health checks, our veterinarians will provide advice on the best parasite prevention products for your pet.

Call your local Sydney Animal Hospitals or visit our website to book in your puppy or kitten for their free veterinary health check during January and February, and take advantage of our exciting offer which includes, a free sample bag of Hill’s puppy or kitten food, a free first dose heartworm prevention injection at 12 weeks of age for puppies, and a free dose of flea and tick prevention for puppies and kittens.

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