New water station and renewed fields for Crestwood Reserve

Sydney Water and The Hills Shire Council have partnered to deliver a new water station in Crestwood Reserve, in Baulkham Hills, to make tap water more accessible in the popular sporting facility.

Mayor of The Hills Shire, Dr Michelle Byrne said having a water station in the local area provided a number of benefits to residents.

“Crestwood Reserve is a favourite amongst residents and visitors to our great Shire, and used for both recreational and sporting use, including rugby league, cricket and tennis,” Mayor Byrne said.

“Providing easy access to quality Sydney tap water allows users of this fantastic sporting facility to refill their water bottles with ease or to drink from the bubbler.

“The water station will also reduce the environmental impact of litter, promote reusable bottles and reduce the amount of plastic bottles going to landfill, as well as encourage more people to drink water.”

The water refill unit is multi-functional, serving as a bubbler and bottle refill station.

They are simple to use, robust and wheelchair accessible.

Donna Lewis, Senior Marketing Advisor at Sydney Water said “we are delighted to be partnering with The Hills Shire Council to provide their residents and our customers with high quality drinking water in convenient locations.

“We have some of the best drinking water in the world. It’s already filtered by Sydney Water, yet some people simply don’t know it.

“The availability of the water stations will help the family budgets of local residents by providing free water, rather than them purchasing bottled water.

“Using the water stations in preference to purchasing bottled water will also assist the environment. Sydney Water removes over one million plastic bottles from our waterways each year across our area of operation,” Ms Lewis said.

Further to the water station, Council is in the process of upgrading the multifaceted park.

“We are currently in the process of designing a learn-to-ride bike track to be installed near the existing playground,” Mayor Byrne said.

“And 8,500sqm of new turf has just been laid across Fields One and Two in preparation for the winter sport season.

“These upgrades provide an engaging area, while the fields help locals of all ages stay active, year round.

“I’m proud to belong to a Council who continues to boost The Hills’ quality of life, placing an importance on improving facilities such as sporting fields, which encourages active lifestyles and health living,” Mayor Byrne added.

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