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New Return and Earn Depot at 8 Walker Street Windsor

The new Return and Earn depot at 8 Walker Street, South Windsor officially opened this week to great applause.

If you need some extra cash this Christmas or want to donate to a worthy local cause, start collecting those cans and bottles and bring them to the depot from Monday to Saturday.
Already, almost 170,000 pieces have been returned in the first week.

There are 11 Return and Earn sites across Hawkesbury and thanks to you, Hawkesbury City Council have one of the best reputations for recycling, so let’s keep up our top record and clean up the environment at the same time.

Hawkesbury Council expressed congratulations to TOMRA Cleanaway and Sell and Parker for their corporate partnership.  It was good to see  RuffTRACK, Hawkesbury Remakery and Hawkesbury’s Helping Hands on the day.
Return And Earn Depot New Return And Earn Depot At 8 Walker Street Windsor

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