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New Name in Solar Systems

Local company Solaray Energy, one of Australia’s largest and most reputable solar system installers, has undergone a name change to 1KOMMA5°.

German company 1KOMMA5°, a leading provider of solar systems, heat pumps and EV chargers in Europe will be expanding its Australian operations and sustainably and strengthening its team in the region by rebranding Solaray Energy.

Philipp Schröder, co-founder and CEO of 1KOMMA5° said the expansion in Australia with the upcoming launch of Heartbeat was an exciting development for the company.

Solaray Energy was founded in 2010 by Jonathan Fisk and Peter Thorne and has grown from a two-man operation to a flourishing, medium-sized company and is recognised as a pioneer and expert installer of smart solar and battery technology in the Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan regions.

With over 50 experienced employees and installers, the team has already installed over 20,000 sustainable energy systems for private households and companies in Australia’s two biggest markets.

1KOMMA5° Sydney and 1KOMMA5° Melbourne plans to expand its team and services by more than 100% by 2025. This not only fortifies local trades but also contributes to job creation, reflecting 1KOMMA5°’s dedication to fostering a resilient and sustainable energy ecosystem.

Jonathan Fisk said: “We are excited to be part of the growing 1KOMMA5° global family and working to achieve zero carbon emissions for households and businesses across the world. We are especially thrilled to be bringing 1KOMMA5°’s innovative technologies to Australian households, accelerating the transition to sustainable energy practices and contributing significantly to a greener future.”

Philipp Schröder said. “Jonathan and Peter have built a healthy and steadily growing business and together, we are now doubling down on decarbonising buildings, empowering customers to participate in the electricity market and contributing to a sustainable, CO2- neutral future.”

New Name In Solar System
(l-r) pete thorne, director of solaray energy, jonathan fisk, director of solaray energy and philipp schröder, co-founder and ceo of 1komma5°

The rebranding of Solaray Energy is the latest step by 1KOMMA5° to expand the coverage of CO2-neutral power supply, heat and EV charging in Sydney, Melbourne and beyond.

1KOMMA5° is currently driving the energy transition at five locations in Australia and 65 other locations worldwide. The aim is to develop a market-leading hardware and software platform across Europe and Australia that is capable of converting 500,000 buildings per year to climateneutral power generation, heating and mobility.

1KOMMA5° Australia specialises in customised energy systems including solar systems, battery storage units, EV chargers and heat pumps. Its comprehensive services extend from initial consultation and planning to seamless installation and ongoing maintenance of cutting-edge energy systems.

231127 Solaray H2H M1 Graphics New Name In Solar SystemsHomeowners can rely on the expertise and benefits of a robust local partner and gain the ability to efficiently manage their energy supply through renewable sources in a decentralised and sustainable manner.

In addition, the 1KOMMA5° intelligent energy software, known as Heartbeat, is set to launch in Australia in 2024. This innovative system not only oversees and regulates energy usage but also establishes a crucial link between homes and the dynamic electricity market. Australians will have the opportunity to access the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly electricity sourced from wind and solar power.

This integrated solution not only empowers users to make sustainable choices but also helps them reduce electricity expenses, all managed conveniently through a centralised platform for home energy.

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