New Civic Leaders

It was super Tuesday on January 11th when both Hawkesbury City Council and Hills Shire Council held meetings and elected new leaders

COUNCILLOR PATRICK CONOLLY (Liberal) was elected Mayor of Hawkesbury unopposed by fellow councillors at Tuesday’s meeting, Hawkesbury councillors. BARRY CALVERT (Labor) was elected as Hawkesbury City’s Deputy Mayor both positions are for a two-year term.

The two men are long-term councillors and former Mayors at Hawkesbury City Council.

Patrick Donolly said: “As Mayor, I intend to continue to build on the great work this Council has achieved during my previous term.

“My priority will be continuing to make Council an organisation that is focused on its customers, our rate payers and residents. I’ve always believed that Council is first and foremost a service provider. Our job is to make sure we’re delivering the services that people want and that we’re delivering them to a good quality, and that we’re doing our best to make the Hawkesbury a great place to live and work,” he said.

There are three new faces on the 12-member council, The council is now made up of four Liberal councillors, one Small Business Party, two Labor, three Independent, one Greens and one Shooters, Fishers and Farmers member.

The Hills Shire Council is headed by popularly elected Mayor, DR PETER GANGEMI (Liberal) was elected by voters at the December 4th election

On Tuesday night the newly elected Hills Shire Council voted on the role of Deputy Mayor which was won by first time councillor MARK HODGES (Liberal) who will hold the post until April 30th 2023. He defeated Ryan Tracey (Labor) in a vote, nine votes to four.

Hills Shire Council’s 12-member council welcomed eight new faces to the council which is now made up of nine Liberals (including the Mayor), three Labor and one Greens councillor.

Councillor Hodges is a solicitor and has lived in the Hills for more than 20 years with his wife Raylee. They have two children together.

A former policeman, he works as a solicitor at his own firm.

“There is a lot of important work which Council will carry out in this term including the completion of important traffic infrastructure; the completion and opening of Waves; the completion of already commenced sporting fields and the commencement of new sporting fields and parks within our Shire,” he said.

“I look forward to working with Mayor Gangemi in this term in the service of our community,”

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