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Multi Vehicle Collision At Intersection of Londonderry Road & Driftway

At 8.08 am on Tuesday 25th January, Londonderry RFB and Hawkesbury Headquarters Rural Fire Brigade, along with FRNSW Rescue Pumper 78 (Ropes Crossing), NSW Ambulance and Police were alerted to a multi vehicle collision at the intersection of the Londonderry Road and The Driftway.

Londonderry Pumper quickly responded and arrived on scene to find that one of the vehicles involved had rolled over and was still on its side with a person trapped by confinement in the front seats.
RFS crews set up scene safety, fire protection and initial vehicle stabilisation with chocks, and at the request of NSW Ambulance removed the front windscreen from the vehicle so as allow Paramedic access to the patient.

On arrival of FRNSW Rescue Pumper 78, the vehicle was further stabilised with struts and the patient released through the windscreen opening by Paramedics and the FRNSW crew.

After the vehicles were cleared from the scene, fluid spillage and debris was cleared from the road and RFS crews returned to station.

Vehicle Collision 1 Multi Vehicle Collision At Intersection Of Londonderry Road &Amp; Driftway

Vehicle Collision Multi Vehicle Collision At Intersection Of Londonderry Road &Amp; Driftway

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