As I sit in my office in Windsor writing this article, thousands of Australians, young and old, are trying to figure out what on earth it is they have to do to achieve the great Australian dream of owning their own home. However, the answer will not be found in the family finances and this dream is now more of a nightmare

The housing market has become a monster of its own, and it is time for sensible and considered policy to intervene and shift the burden of this monster off the shoulders of young people and families, and onto the shoulders of government.

Since the Liberals came to office in September 2013, they have done nothing to address housing affordability. Consequently home ownership is at a 60 year low, house prices have risen at 4 times the rate of wages growth over the past year, and house prices in Sydney have soared by nearly 50 per cent, which is an increase that we have definitely felt here in the Hawkesbury. Renters aren’t exempt from this either, with the proportion of low-income households in rental stress exceeding 40 per cent. And local groups work hard to ensure the homeless have healthy meals.

Housing affordability is a complex problem that requires a comprehensive response – which is exactly what Labor has proposed.

We have a clear plan for housing affordability:

• Reform negative gearing and capital gains tax concessions;
• Facilitate a COAG process to introduce a uniform vacant property tax across all major cities;
• Limit direct borrowing by self-managed superannuation funds;
• Increased foreign investor fees and penalties;
• Establish a bond aggregator to increase investment in affordable housing;
• Boost homelessness support for vulnerable Australians;
• Getting better results from the National Affordable Housing Agreement;
• Re-establish the National Housing Supply Council and the Minister for Housing.

Each of these proposals on their own is not going to change housing affordability, but together they will be able to make a real difference.

Only a Labor Government will tackle the housing affordability crisis and work towards pushing the great Australian dream of owning your own home back within reach of middle and working class Australians.


Visitor numbers in the Hawkesbury boomed over the weekend with the 2017 annual Hawkesbury Show being one of the best ever shows held according to many locals.

The Hawkesbury Show was a great success with special events at the Show including woodchopping, art, crafts and agricultural exhibits, racing pigs, the Isuzu D-Max Precision Driving Team, horse events plus flyball dog demonstrations, unchained BMX performances and special guests including singing cowboys with the Animal Wranglers and the skilful trick rider Mikayla Jade.

Over 7,000 people visited Hawkesbury City Council’s display tent at this year’s Hawkesbury Show. Council’s display featured a theme of ‘Getting to Know Your Council’ as well as plenty of giveaways, information and a special recycling competition – lucky prize winners will be notified soon!