Local Summer Competition

The sun’s setting on our local summer competition, but fear not, Hive warriors! It’s not a goodbye, it’s a time out – a chance to recharge, refuel, and return even fiercer in the new year.

Junior Break: Get ready to unleash your inner hibernators! From Monday, December 18th to Saturday, January 27th, 2024, the Juniors’ nest is officially closed for cozy cocoon time. But don’t worry, we’ll be buzzing with excitement to welcome you back when the days grow longer and the climbing bug bites again.

Senior Break: Your time to rest and recharge is just a smidge shorter, but no less important. Hang those chalk bags and scale down your training from Monday, December 18th to Sunday, January 14th, 2024. Use this time to explore new hobbies, conquer those holiday feasts, and spend quality time with loved ones.

Summer Local Competition

Image credit to the Hills Hornets Basketball Association

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