Little Athletics NSW to host Sport Competitions at Scheyville Park

Little Athletics Nsw Cross Country And Road Walks
Little athletics

On the 2nd of July, 2023, a series of Cross Country and Road Walks competitions, hosted by Little Athletics NSW (LANSW), will be held at Hawkesbury.

The Scheyville National Park will be the competition’s venue. The event is divided into two sports: Cross Country will start at 9:00 AM and followed by Road Walks at 1:00 PM. Subsequent runs will start based on gender, age groups, and by distance.

The event is hosted by Little Athletics NSW. Little Athletics is an Australian sport normally played by and suited for youth aged 5 to 16 years old.  The sport is rooted in track and field and hosts events with activities such as jumping, running, throwing, and walking.

The schedules of runs, obtained from the event announcement by the LANSW are as follows:

CROSS COUNTRY – Starting at 9 AM

U7 Boys 1km                                                         followed by     U7 Girls 1km

U8 Boys 1km                                                         followed by     U8 Girls 1km

U11 Boys 2km +MC U11/U12 2km                       followed by     U11 Girls 2km +MC U11/U12 2km

U12 Boys 2km                                                        followed by     U12 Girls 2km

U17 Boys 4km                                                        followed by     U17 Girls 4km

U13 Boys 3km +MC U13/U14 3km                        followed by     U13 Girls 3km +MC U13/U14 3km

U14 Boys 3km                                                        followed by     U14 Girls 3km

U15 Boys 3km +MC U15/U17 3km                        followed by     U15 Girls 3km +MC U15/U17 3km

U9 Boys 1.5km +MC U9/U10 1.5km                       followed by     U9 Girls 1.5km +MC U9/U10 1.5km

U10 Boys 1.5km                                                      followed by     U10 Girls 1.5km


ROAD WALKS – Starting at 1 PM

U11 Boys 1.5km                                                       followed by     U11 Girls 1.5km

U12 Boys 1.5km                                                       followed by    U12 Girls 1.5km

U13 Boys 2km                                                          followed by     U13 Girls 2km

U14 Boys 2km                                                          followed by     U14 Girls 2km

U15 Boys 3km                                                          followed by     U15 Girls 3km

U17 Boys 4km                                                          followed by     U17 Girls 4km

U9 Boys 1.2km                                                         followed by    U9 Girls 1.2km

U10 Boys 1.2km                                                        followed by    U10 Girls 1.2km


Entry costs A$25.00 and counts as “direct entry.” Athletes “doing both Cross Country and Road Walk” can have an overall discount of A$10.00.

Entries will close on 26 June 2023, Monday, at 9:00 PM. Medals will be given to individuals and whole teams.

The list of announcements is subject to change. Access LANSW’s full official announcement and its set of guidelines at State Cross Country & Road Walk Championship 2023 as a reference.

The National Park is located at Scheyville NSW 2756 AU.

Image credit to Little Athletics NSW.

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