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Kurrajong To Kurmond Cycleway

The Kurrajong to Kurmond Cycleway Project will undertake treatment works and construct a shared path alongside Bells Line of Road between Kurmond and Kurrajong.
These works will complete a continuous off-road link between North Richmond and Kurrajong, supporting Council’s and the community’s goal to increase active transport and recreation use by residents and tourists.
This project will be built thanks to WestInvest funding from the State Government and is one of nine WestInvest projects worth close to $98 million that will be built in Hawkesbury.
Check out all the WestInvest projects at…/westinvest-projects
* Please note: WestInvest funding is strictly for the development of the agreed community building projects and cannot be used for any other purpose, including road repairs.
Kurrajong To Kurmond Cycleway Kurrajong To Kurmond Cycleway

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