Kellyville Park Upgrade

Construction of a new amenities building, carpark and sports field drainage are some of the works underway at Kellyville Park.

Mayor of The Hills Shire, Dr Michelle Byrne said the upgrades will vastly improve the already popular park and help to cater for the growing Hills population.

“Kellyville Park is a valued sporting facility in the region with a soccer field, baseball field, cricket pitch and fields to cater for rugby league, rugby union and AFL,” Mayor Byrne said.

“Works at the Kellyville based park include the installation of sports field drainage system on the baseball field, which will be used to drain water run-off effectively into a new tank to be used to irrigate the fields. And a layer of top soil has also been added to the baseball field during maintenance works.

“We have constructed a new amenities building incorporating bathrooms, change rooms, a canteen and storage near field seven.

“And a new carpark has been built to help cater to the growing numbers of people attending sporting games at this facility.

“Council understands there is a growing demand for more sporting fields and improving the facilities that we have. Council is constantly reviewing its fields and continually renewing them to keep up with demand while new playing fields at Arnold Avenue and Caddies Creek are being built.

“Improving sporting facilities in our region encourages further participation in sport, increases the level of physical activity and promotes a healthier, more active and connected community,” Mayor Byrne added.

Other upgrades being made at Kellyville Park include the installation of a five-metre high ball stop fencing to prevent balls being kicked into the adjacent residences.

Landscaping has been done around the surrounding area to complement this new part of the reserve including earthworks, turfing and tree planting.

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