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John Miller OAM Commemorated at Freemans Reach

John Miller John Miller Oam Commemorated At Freemans ReachMembers of the Hawkesbury community gathered on Friday January 19th at Streeton Lookout in Freemans Reach to commemorate a plaque paying tribute to John Miller OAM, a distinguished member of the Hawkesbury community who passed away in March 2021.

The recently installed memorial was unanimously voted through by all Councillors in 2022, and its recent installation proved a moment for the community to reflect on the life of an exceptional community member.

The ceremony was attended by Hawkesbury City councillors, state member Robyn Preston and federal member Susan Templeman, as well as John’s family and friends in the community.

The plaque tells a portion of John’s life story; his passion in promoting the Hawkesbury’s agriculture and tourism, his drive to raise flood awareness, and his many acknowledgements for his service to the Hawkesbury, such as being a Recipient of the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2018 for his service to the community of the Hawkesbury.

John Miller Plaque Closeup John Miller Oam Commemorated At Freemans ReachHawkesbury Mayor Sarah McMahon paid tribute to John at the unveiling, describing him as a family man who cared deeply about his community. She said: “John was held in high esteem by the community, passionate in promoting the Hawkesbury’s agriculture, heritage and tourism, an advocate for local aged and dementia care, and a driving force in raising flood awareness and the need for flood infrastructure. John left an indelible mark on our city and all those who knew him. He is greatly missed.”

Streeton Lookout is located at 542 Terrace Rd, Freemans Reach and overlooks the beautiful Hawkesbury river.

John Miller Oam Commemorated At Freemans Reach

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