Jack Weller’s Master Move

When Jack Weller is not travelling around the countryside, he is out walking in the bush with the twittering birds keeping him company. He’s a very proactive 98-year-old who has called BaptistCare Aminya home for 23 years and is an absolute pleasure to have in company.

“When my wife passed away 37 years ago, I had a four-bedroom home with no one else at home. I had a heart attack playing golf. I spent time in hospital, and once I was out, someone came to mow my lawns. I wasn’t happy with the way they cut it, it wasn’t the way I did it. So I sold the house and bought a unit,” said Jack.

It took Jack Weller a few turns of purchasing other properties before finding BaptistCare Aminya. “My daughter’s mother-in-law lived here, she liked it, so my daughter said move in. I was very pleased, I still am,” said Jack. “We’re just 200 yards from a bus stop that can take you anywhere.”

“Until this Coronavirus came about, I wasn’t prepared to sit on my veranda and wait for the sun to go down to go to bed. I’d get up of a morning, get a bus, and make my mind up as to where I was going on the way. It’s all about beating boredom. Coming here, turned out to be a masterstroke. There’s one thing you find is, that you do grow old. And when you grow old, you can’t do the things you used to do when you were young.”

Jack’s often out and about, walking, on the grounds, in surrounding bushland, and to the local shopping centre if the weather permits. “I appreciate that it’s flat land to walk. Twice a month I walk up Railway Street, to see if I can do it, and I reckon I’m doing alright. I like to test myself.”

“It is a nice place. I’ve never had a bad or bitter feeling for the people here, I find (management) very amiable. Before the virus, there were entertainment groups, lots of activities, and luncheons. I sincerely hope we get back there soon,” said Jack.

If you’ve been considering downsizing, like Jack, come and visit Aminya Village and experience the lifestyle for yourself. Call (02) 8896 3905 to book your tour today.


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