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Inflatable World Dural

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It’s fun, it’s exhilarating, it’s exhausting! Inflatable World, Australia’s largest indoor inflatable playground is not just for kids but caters for adults as well.

Located at The Centre on Pellitt Lane Dural, Inflatable World offers wall to wall bouncing fun for all the family. There are various inflatable activities including obstacle courses, leaping from air pillow to pillow, climbing a blow up tower, slides and so much more.

A section of the inflatables is dedicated to the under 5 age group as well ensuring there are inflatable activities that suit all age groups.

Fc9Fa479 93A3 4D56 9Eda 066C8Bd05Aad Scaled Inflatable World DuralThe venue was relatively quiet during our visit, allowing all the kids an opportunity to enjoy all the various inflatable activities without having to wait long for a turn at various activities on offer.

My daughters had a lot of fun challenging each other to see who could complete each activity the fastest or who could hold on longest to various inflatables before falling off!

A café is on site and offers an All Day Breakfast as well as a tasty lunch menu. However, unlike most venues, visitors can bring their own food and snacks into the centre. For a sports stadium, Inflatable World is relatively cool with evaporative coolers in place to counteract the heat generated by the air-blowers attached to the inflatables as well as the summer heat in general.

Inflatable World Dural is open during the NSW Public School holidays and on Saturday to Monday during the School term. Sessions are for 2 hours but that is more than enough time to completely wear yourself and your children out! Make sure you have plenty of water.

If you are looking for something different to do with the kids these school holidays that is affordable as well as entertaining and good exercise, then Inflatable World Dural is a great place to go.

We had an absolute blast and can’t wait to return soon. For more information on Inflatable World Dural go to

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