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HSC’s Highest Achievers

Words of shock, relief and joy were heard around New South Wales on December 14th when Year 12 students received their HSC results, capping off the final year of schooling for thousands of young people.

In the Hills and Hawkesbury, a number of students performed exceptionally well under the stress of the exam period, with high ATAR and subject scores to prove it.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Education Prue Car congratulated over 130 students from 89 schools who received First in Course awards at a special ceremony on December 13th, before all the results were officially released the next day.

She said: “I am so impressed by the many talented and brilliant kids in our schools, and I’m particularly proud as Minister for Education that half of the students with First in Course awards are from NSW public schools.”

Ed. Page 1 Isaac Bust With Prue Car Hsc’s Highest Achievers
Isaac bust with prue car photo credit: anna warr

Isaac Bust from Model Farms High School in Baulkham Hills was one such student, who was initially convinced he had received a prank call when told he placed first in Industrial Technology. He attributed his success in the subject to hard work both in and out of school hours, and his timber teacher Mr Venhuizen. Now looking to begin a carpentry apprenticeship, Isaac has this advice for HSC students: “Do what you love. If you love the subject, it’s much easier.”

Across our area, there have been a huge amount of other impressive results from a number of students. Windsor High School saw a 200% increase of students placing in the top 20% of the grade, after earlier in the year revealing that they had increased their overall attendance by 15%. Three students – Layla George, Callum Bird and Keely Martin – made the Distinguished Achievers list.

Richmond High School’s Class of 2023 secured the best results ever for the school despite a challenging past two years, with four students – Zoe Chaseling, Penny Graham, Hayley Innins and Karla Schindler – all attaining at least one Band 6 score.

Principal Angela Heath said: “I am so proud of our students. The highest number of Distinguished Achievers we’ve seen and a load of excellent results all round are a testament to the dedication of our students and the teachers supporting them. What a win for Richmond High!”

Colo High School’s class of 2023 delivered impressive results, with 14 Distinguished Achiever results and over 74% of students with results in the top three bands. The two highest ATARs came from Georgia Estrich (91.85) and Jet Loiselle (90.65), both of whom secured Band 6 scores.

Many CHS students have also been nominated for their major works, with four students for SHAPE, two for ArtEXPRESS and one student, Kyah Rowley, for her work in Dance at Callback.

Principal Tara Cullen praised the 2023 cohort for their resilience in the face of many challenges over the past few years: “We’re incredibly proud of the Class of 2023. They’re an incredible and inspiring group of young people who achieved outstanding results this year.

Colo High School, along with lots of schools in the Hawkesbury, have had lots of difficulties over the last few years due to school closures and floods in 2022. But this group of young people worked incredibly hard, and were admirable in their success and determination to do well in the HSC.”

Ed. Page 2 Jrahs Top Atar Achievers Hsc’s Highest Achievers
Jrahs top atar students. L-r: kyle zhang, leo li, judy chen, rachel powell (principal), tina ouyang, samin haque, faiyaaz karim and darshanik aryal (photo credit: sophie lambert)

At James Ruse Agricultural High School, seven impressive students (names listed underneath photo) all scored a perfect 99.95 ATAR; they returned to their school on December 14th to celebrate their results among their peers and teachers.

One of those students, Samin Haque, recalled the moment he found out his ATAR: “It was a mixture of shock, disbelief, relief and excitement – it was a whole bag of emotions. I could enjoy this score thanks to the support my parents had given me throughout the journey.”

Principal of JRAHS Rachel Powell shared her pride for the hard work of her students, saying: “We saw an increase in both the number of students that placed first in a course, as well as an increase in the number of students recognised as top achievers in 2023 HSC results.

I’d like to thank all our teachers and parents for their hard work and dedication, which contributed to the excellent results achieved by our brilliant students.”

Congratulations to all students who completed their HSC in 2023.

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