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Hills Shire Council Welcomes 129 New Australians in Citizenship Ceremony

Mayor Gangemi Pictured With Elynaea Amber And Faith And Family Members 1 Hills Shire Council Welcomes 129 New Australians In Citizenship Ceremony
Mayor gangemi pictured with elynaea, amber, faith and family members

The Hills Shire Council proudly welcomed 129 new Australians at a special Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony on Friday 26 January.

This significant event marked the joyous induction of new citizens while commemorating the 75th anniversary of Australian citizenship, established on 26th January 1949 under the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948.

Since its establishment, over 6 million people from more than 200 countries globally have been granted Australian citizenship, and The Hills Shire Council has consistently celebrated the diversity brought by new citizens.

Hills Shire Mayor Dr Peter Gangemi, who presided over the ceremony, said he was delighted to witness the excitement and pride of those choosing Australia as their home.

“For our conferees, becoming an Australian Citizen is one of the biggest moments of their lives, and having it occur on our national day makes the moment even greater,” Mayor Gangemi said.

“It was really something to see so many residents taking the pledge on the 75th anniversary of Australian Citizenship. It was a nice reminder of our country’s diversity and the freedoms we enjoy.

“I wish all our new citizens every happiness and success, and I look forward to working with them on a bright future together.”

The new citizens welcomed hailed from a huge number of countries, such as Bangladesh, China, Chile, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Netherlands, the Philippines, South Korea, South Africa, and many more.

Among the conferees pledging their devotion to Australia was Elynaea Pancho and her daughters, Amber and Faith, who moved to Australia from the Philippines.

Ms Pancho described her new Australian citizenship as surreal and incredibly special.

“I know that this citizenship will not only change my life but the trajectory of our entire family and the generations to come. This is the best legacy I can leave my kids with. They will have experiences and limitless opportunities because everyone gets a fair go,” she said.

To learn more about Ms Pancho’s journey to Australia, visit:

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