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Little Blue Dinosaur Donates 20 Hold My Hand Signs To The Hills Shire

20 new ‘Hold my Hand’ signs have been installed at different locations throughout The Hills Shire as part of the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation’s ‘Hold my Hand’ campaign.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about pedestrian road safety and the importance of holding hands when crossing a road, driveway or car park, especially for children under 10 years of age.

Mayor of The Hills Shire Dr Peter Gangemi said he was grateful for the signs provided by Little Blue Dinosaur, which were funded as part of Transport for NSW’s Community Road Safety Grants program.

“I’d like to thank the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation for their dedication to promoting pedestrian road safety for parents and children,” Mayor Gangemi said.

“The Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport reported that in the past decade, 587 children have died on Australian roads.

Little Blue Dinosaur Donates 20 Hold My Hand Signs To The Hills Shire
Mayor gangemi pictured with ceo of little blue dinosaur foundation michelle mclaughlin at stargazing park, box hill.

“These signs will serve as a reminder for parents to be vigilant when their children are near roads and driveways and to start a conversation about road safety.”

CEO of Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation Michelle McLaughlin said the organisation was proud to partner with The Hills Shire Council on the ‘Hold My Hand’ campaign.

“I grew up in the Hills District and I visit the area regularly to see family, so it’s wonderful to know the signage is installed and bringing vital community awareness to the importance of child pedestrian safety,” Mrs McLaughlin said. 

“It is especially important for young children under the age of 11 to hold their carer’s hand when around busy roads.

“Our children have slower reflexes, cannot accurately judge speed or distance, lack fully developed peripheral vision and have a smaller stature which can make it difficult for motorists to see them should they unexpectedly run out. 

“My family knows first-hand the heartbreaking reality of losing a child to road trauma. Our children are so precious and irreplaceable.”

The Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation whose mission is to protect child pedestrians from the ever-present danger of roadways and moving motor vehicles through community education and road safety collaborations with government stakeholder partnerships.

The Foundation was established in 2014 following the death of Michelle McLaughlin’s four-year- old son, Tom McLaughlin due to a pedestrian-motor vehicle crash while on a family holiday.

The signs were installed in several locations near roads or car parks, including Bella Vista Farm Park, Equinox Drive Reserve in Box Hill, Waves Fitness & Aquatic Centre and Wisemans Ferry Park.

 For more information about the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation, visit

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