Historic implement shed is given new lease on life

The Hills Shire’s historic Bella Vista Farm implement shed is being given a new lease on life. Essential repair works by Caliber Constructions Pty Ltd are underway to protect and preserve one of the region’s oldest structures.

The implement shed was built in the late 1860s to early 1870s and was originally used to store farm equipment, before being turned into a fowl house and now a home for the beloved Bella Vista Farm resident sheep. The shed is one of the region’s surviving 19th century buildings. The primary repair works will focus on stabilising the existing single-storey building and repairing essential features such as the roof with corrugated galvanised iron sheeting and securing the existing timber rafters and battens. Much of the existing frame is too old to anchor the new roof onto, so where needed new timber battens and tree pole rafters will be added.

Bella Vista Farm was instrumental in the development of the Australian agriculture industry, including the first merino sheep farm and the foundation of the Australian citrus fruit industry. The implement shed is one of a number of authentic buildings located on the historic homestead. Some of the buildings on the site date back to when the original grant was issued to Joseph Foveaux in 1799.

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