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Dr Kellie Bilinski
With over 25 years experience in Clinical Dietetics and medical research Kellie was awarded her PhD from the faculty of Medicine, The University of Sydney in 2013 in the area around the role of vitamin D in metabolic disease and cancer after which she undertook a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at NICM Health Research Institute.

As a spokesperson for the Dietitians association of Australia from 2014-2019 Kellie regularly appeared in the media.

Throughout her career Kellie has maintained a role in Private Practice where she has a special interest in weight loss, bariatric surgery, food allergy, diabetes, cancer and food allergy and intolerance.

What is an Accredited Practising Dietitian?
Accredited Practising Dietitians are university educated and qualified to deliver evidencebased services. Recognised university qualifications are one of the things that sets APDs apart from nutritionists.

APDs don’t apply a one-size-fits-all approach. They understand what works for one person may be different to what works for you.

It’s at this individual level that an APD can help. They consider the whole person – each person’s medical history, as well as their needs, goals, preferences and lifestyle. APDs offer many services to suit your needs, including:
• assessing nutrition needs
• developing personalised eating plans for health conditions
• providing nutrition counselling and support
• educating on healthy eating and food preparation
• providing advice to organisations, schools and healthcare facilities.

How a dietitian can help your patients
Dietitians give practical, easy-to-follow advice. An Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) can help your patients manage health conditions, such as:
• diabetes • eating disorders
• food allergies and intolerances
• gastrointestinal diseases
• heart disease
• malnutrition
• obesity
• renal disease

FThey can also help patients manage their wellbeing at different stages of life, such as pregnancy, menopause and ageing.

Dietitians understand how nutrition affects the body and use this knowledge when treating you. Using the latest scientific information, dietitians partner with you to develop a personal plan to meet your needs.

Patients may be eligible for assistance from Medicare, their private health fund, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) or their compensation fund.

For more information on fees and referrals, contact Betterhealth Quarter Medical Specialists.

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Dr Kellie Bilinski Hills Nutrition And Dietetics Glenorie District Medical Centre

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