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How Hearing Well Contributes to our Overall Well-Being and Quality of Life

Ear Studio How Hearing Well Contributes To Our Overall Well-Being And Quality Of Life

With one in six Australians experiencing hearing loss, causes can be from various health conditions, trauma, genetics, ear infections, exposure to prolonged noisy environments, and as we mature with age our hearing can naturally decline.

In addition to these causes, it can also simply be as a result of ear wax build-up. Individuals with hearing loss can find it difficult to communicate with friends and family, constantly struggling to hear and understand what is being said. As a result, the impact of this miscommunication can bring with it feelings of isolation, fatigue, frustration, embarrassment, irritability, stress, depression, and a reduction in self-confidence. Hearing loss can present difficulties in communication within school, work, home, and social situations.

Specifically, when discussing age related hearing loss, research has linked this hearing loss with a decline in cognitive function such as dementia. This seems to be not an effect of the hearing loss as such, but more a result of the social disengagement caused by hearing loss. However, there is good news, there are options and solutions to alleviate the impact of hearing loss and with that, significant wellbeing improvements. Lifestyle changes, stress management solutions, doing things you love and enjoy, and generally keeping an active mind and body will also assist in these positive changes. And quite importantly, also increased communication and social stimulation.

At Ear Studio, hearing rehabilitation programs, communication strategies, hearing protection, an annual ear wax clean, and hearing aid solutions can all assist in improving and protecting your hearing – while also significantly contributing to your overall well-being and quality of life. It’s been an uncertain and disruptive time, with many of us having deferred important health checks. Now is the time to reconnect and seek the professional advice you need. Be sure to include a comprehensive hearing assessment on that list. We check our eyes regularly, but what about our ears? As trusted hearing care professionals and a local Audiology Competency Centre, Ear Studio listen to you, talk through your needs and concerns, including what your hearing and wellbeing objectives are so that you can achieve them – together. Make your actions count! Call today to book a comprehensive hearing assessment, wax removal appointment or hearing aid trial.

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Ear Studio Web Scaled How Hearing Well Contributes To Our Overall Well-Being And Quality Of Life

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