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Hawkesbury Remakery Now Open

Beloved community shop and creative space Hawkesbury Remakery is open once again after having to move locations earlier this year.

The new location at 160 George Street in the Windsor Mall, the former St. George Bank, is being transformed by the work of Hawkesbury creatives to regain the old Remakery charm.

The process of moving has been a difficult one, co-founder Liz Germani explains, due to the sheer number of items that had to be moved from the old Loder House location: “We got a storage unit, we packed a shipping container. Ten of our volunteers took a mini-truck of things home, and I got to the point where I couldn’t move in my house! The tonnage would be amazing.”

It wasn’t just Remakery volunteers who helped with the move, as the community rallied together to help the team make the transition: “Ladie Tradie turned up one morning when we just needed the muscles to put things in a truck. I want to mention Prismatic Productions, who turned up with a truck for two days to load things in and take it to storage. RuffTrack came in for a day when we needed nine males with energy! But then everybody who turned up would tell their friends about it. Those friends would come for a day, and they just moved and cleaned and sorted things. It was like a cascade of connections.”

Though the new space wasn’t particularly inspiring when they first moved in, Liz and the team have begun to inject some of the old Remakery charm into the building. Furthermore, they’ve begun to uncover and restore the tiles from when the space was a milk bar and a butcher. “The fact we found some history has given more life to the place and the story we can tell – people telling us their stories of the milk bar is a fun aspect. We have one person whose uncle ran this in the 1950s, and she’s bringing in a couple pieces of crockery from the milk bar that we’ll frame and put up, as well as the history for people to read.”

Although there’s plenty of work yet to be done, the new Remakery Space is already beginning to look like a cosy hub to create and buy from, ahead of its planned Grand Opening in October. Liz asks readers to keep Hawkesbury Remakery in mind when out shopping: “Purchase something from a maker to support a maker and us, that’s the best thing you can do.” The team is also often in need of a handyperson, electricians and muscle to help move things – if you’re interested, please let them know.

Keep up to date with Hawkesbury Remakery on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook. com/hawkesburyRemakery

Hawkesbury Remakery Now Open

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