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Hawkesbury City Councils receiveds $11,495,400 for Potholes

$11,495,400 – that’s precisely how much Hawkesbury’s MP got to fix our potholes! ?
Thanks to Robyn Preston MP – Member for Hawkesbury for their advocacy, as well as NSW Metropolitan Roads Minister Natalie Ward, who came out to Hawkesbury today to make the special announcement.
Thank you also to the Mayor’s from across Western Sydney and NSW, who banded together with me last year to make the case for this vital funding. What a win!
Here at Hawkesbury City Council, this investment will go a long way to helping our local community recover from the worst potholes in living memory. And although there are shortages with contractors and materials statewide, we will do our best to get on with the job – because your safety matters.
Metropolitan Road Potholes Hawkesbury City Councils Receiveds $11,495,400 For PotholesMetropolitan Road Potholes1 Hawkesbury City Councils Receiveds $11,495,400 For Potholes

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