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Harmony at Alive


At Alive’s celebration of Harmony Day, we took the opportunity to invite all our members and friends to come along to the station and enjoy the day.

Rosie Ruzica Chmielewski organised the entertainment and food through the many cultures that now embrace Alive 90.5 and call it home. Rosie had a big contingent present to serve up delicious Croatian food but there was a lot of competition about what could be determined the best food.

Was it the Italian Bolognese or the Vietnamese spring rolls? I just know everything I tried was delicious. Johan Rahman provided entertainment with his one-man band and Tarisai Vushe sang beautifully. Mayor Peter Gangemi enjoyed himself, as did the other 50 + people present.

Rosie Setting Up0 Harmony At Alive

At Alive we believe in celebrating as often as we can bringing fun into all our lives. It really is a situation where so many Cultures work amicably together. Go to our website alive where you can get the details of when we are broadcasting in the language you understand.

You can choose from Mandarin, African, Dharug, Hindi, Vietnamese, Spanish, Bengali, Samoan, Croatian, or Malay. Now there’s variety for you.

Cultural shows contain news and events from that specific country along with music and interviews from their community. If you feel a bit isolated why not become a member and come along to make new friends.

Alive90 Scaled Harmony At Alive

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