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Celebrate Harmony Week at Bella Vista

Join us for a vibrant celebration of cultural diversity at the Harmony Week event, happening at Bella Vista Pocket Park on Friday, March 22nd, from 4pm to 7pm.

This is a free entry event, promising an afternoon filled with entertainment, delicious food, and exciting activities for all ages.

Immerse yourself in a diverse cultural tapestry through captivating performances that showcase the rich heritage of The Hills Shire. Unleash your creativity with free craft activities, perfect for both children and adults.

You can also adorn your hands with intricate designs at the Henna station, which adds a touch of cultural flair to your day.

Celebrate Harmony Week At Bella Vista

Contribute to a symbol of unity by adding your own message to the Tree of Harmony, a beautiful representation of the community’s collective spirit.

As the afternoon unfolds, tantalize your taste buds with a delectable array of food trucks offering a variety of cuisines, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every palate.

This Harmony Day event is the perfect opportunity to connect with your neighbors, celebrate cultural diversity, and create lasting memories. So, gather your friends and family and head to Bella Vista Pocket Park for an afternoon of fun, laughter, and cultural exploration.

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