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The Hills and Hawkesbury Lit Up For Christmas

Christmas is less than two weeks away, and driving around the Hills and Hawkesbury is much more colourful than usual with a huge number of festive lights brightening our local area. Christmas lights aren’t just a great opportunity for festive entertainment, though – they’re also an exceptional way to bring attention to important issues.

A number of beautiful light displays this year are raising money for charity – consider making a stop on your Christmas light trail and donating to a great cause. The Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation has paired with a number of houses throughout the Greater Sydney Area to raise money for sick kids this Christmas with their Lights for Kids initiative.

28 Beacon Ave Glenhaven The Hills And Hawkesbury Lit Up For Christmas
28 beacon ave, glenhaven

According to a report by the SCHF, 41% of Hills District residents decorate their homes with lights while 61% of residents seek out lit-up homes each year, equalling about 165,000 people in total. As such, there’s a great chance for those putting lights up to help raise money for charity while getting festive.

Kate Ferguson from the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation spoke to the way that funds raised through the Christmas lights will help sick children: “The funds raised through Lights for Kids goes directly to the frontline and future of children’s healthcare; these funds will work to deliver the brightest Christmas possible to sick kids.”

“Hills District locals who aren’t decorating their homes this year can help show their support for families spending Christmas in hospital this year by visiting their local Lights for Kids displays or donating online at”

7 Mallee Street Quakers Hill The Hills And Hawkesbury Lit Up For Christmas
7 mallee street, quakers hill

• 7 Mallee Street, Quakers Hill – 2023 is the last year this iconic lights display will be up after 30 years, as owners Peter and Lauraine Overton have to consider their physical health given the intense amount of work done each year on their house. This house is raising money for SCHF, with lights starting at 8pm.

• Nice Place, Seven Hills – This cul-de-sac shines brightly in Seven Hills with a number of houses getting into the Christmas spirit. A number of houses here are also raising money for SCHF, and lights begin at around 8pm.

• 28 Beacon Avenue, Glenhaven – This Christmas lights display is notable for its wide, multi-level incorporation of lights onto this house, completely illuminating this corner of Glenhaven. This display is raising money for the Cancer Council, and starts at 8pm.

• 4 Farmhouse Avenue, Pitt Town – This massive set of lights in Pitt Town has a number of cool features such as a moving text display in one of the windows, a walk-in area and a number of licenced characters that kids will recognise. Money is being raised here for SCHF, and the lights turn on at 7:30pm.

• 9 Monti Place, North Richmond – This set of lights is programmed to synchronise with over 30 songs by resident David Kenny, making this a great stop for kids to see the lights dance alongside the music. David is raising money for Camp Quality, and the lights run from 8pm onwards.

14 Bundilla Avenue Winston Hills The Hills And Hawkesbury Lit Up For Christmas
14 bundilla avenue, winston hills.



• Roxborough Park Rose Garden – 6:30pm-10:30pm
• 8 Goodin Road – 8pm-11pm
• 15 Burrandong Crescent – 8pm-11pm

• 32 Alexander Street – 5pm-10pm
• Lady Penrhyn Place – 7pm-11pm

• Murrumba Place – 8:30pm-10:30pm
• Penrhyn Place – 8pm-11pm
• 12 Ashford Avenue – 7pm-11:30pm

• Siltstone Street – 8pm-11pm
• Kiewa Grove – 7:30pm-11pm

• 14 Hughes Avenue – 7:30pm-11:30pm KELLYVILLE
• 6 Gormon Avenue – 7:30pm start
• 10 Hector Court – 7pm-11:30pm

• Grasmere Road – 8:30pm-10:30pm NORTH RICHMOND
• O’Dea Place – 7:30pm-11pm
• Moraki Street – 8-10:30pm
• Flannery Avenue – 7:30pm-11pm

• Hillsong Church, 1 Solent Cct – 7:30pm-10:30pm

• Carusina Street – 6pm-11pm

• 2 Francis Street – 6:30pm-11:30pm

• Milton Drive, Monarch Close – 7pm-11pm

• Nice Place – 7pm-11pm

• Bundilla Avenue – 6pm-10:30pm

Murrumba Place Castle Hill The Hills And Hawkesbury Lit Up For Christmas

A large percentage of lights listed run until December 31st. To check details about each display and find even more lights in our area and beyond, head to for more.

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