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Albanese Government Delivers Quality Teachers Program


Image 1 1 Albanese Government Delivers Quality Teachers Program

This is Kaitlin (or Ms Heggen, as her Year 1 students call her).

She is a valued local teacher at Hambledon Public School in Quakers Hill, a community member, and one of almost 5,000 teachers who have benefited from The University of Newcastle’s Quality Teacher Rounds Program.

This program has been in operation for about a decade, helping to upskill and provide quality training to new and experienced teachers, so they can provide the best quality education for their students.

In fact, evidence shows that it is proven to strengthen English and Math skills for students who have had teachers participate in this program.

Now, the Albanese Government is providing around $5 million to expand this program across the country.

The other day Minister for Education, the Hon. Jason Clare and I went to Hambledon Public School to share this announcement and hear from Ms Heggen, Principal McEwen and Professor Jennifer Gore about how the program works.

We visited the classroom of Year 1 students and saw Ms Heggen in action, providing the skills she learnt through the program to best help her students.

Teaching is one of the most valuable jobs in the community. However, one in five teachers drop out of teaching in their first five years because of the challenges the profession can bring. This program will help thousands of teachers feel more prepared and supported when they enter the classroom, and give our kids the best opportunities to succeed in life.

I thank Principal McEwen, Ms Heggen and all of the teachers and students from Hambledon Public School for having us to visit – what a tremendous school community!

Image 2 1 1 Albanese Government Delivers Quality Teachers Program Image 3 1 Albanese Government Delivers Quality Teachers Program

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