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Floods and flooding News – Sunday Midday

Rain has stopped and river level rises are slowing and stabilising somewhat upstream. Peaks upstream are beginning to be seen. The Hawkesbury river will continue to creep up slowly but the BoM are starting to scale back their earlier over estimations of the peaks (…/nepean-hawkesburyrivers.shtml).

Exceeding the 7.9m Moderate flood level at North Richmond has now been pushed back to Sunday night with a now 8.5m peak early Monday morning. This would still close the bridge if it is reached. These is a small possibility, though depending on the final peak and RMS discretion, that we MIGHT (emphasis on “might”) scrape through without a closure there.

No other real changes coming from the latest BoM warning. Windsor bridge will almost certainly not close.

A major flood peak on the Colo river at Putty Road is still possible. Apologies for the temporary issues with the dashboard earlier this morning. These are fixed and it’s back up and running.

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