Flood Waste Collection – Key Information

The flood waste that residents have registered to be collected is not part of Council’s general waste collection service

All household waste must continue to be placed into the household bins for collection as part of Council’s general waste collection service

The flood waste collection service is for flood affected properties only. Council asks residents outside of the flood footprint to phone directly on 4560 4444 to discuss waste enquiries.

After registering a Flood Waste Collection Request http://www.hawkesbury.nsw.gov.au/flood-waste residents must sort flood waste into the following categories before taking to the kerbside for collection:

👉 E-Waste
👉 Metals
👉 Mattresses
👉 Chemicals Or Other Hazardous Materials
👉 Other Flood Waste
👉 Waste that can go into household waste bins such as food waste, cannot be placed on kerbsides
👉 Flood waste collection will be staged. Crews are using excavators and bobcats to load trucks and trailers to remove flood affected waste.
👉 Items such as mattresses, chemicals and other hazardous materials will be collected by crews in different trucks at a later date as this waste is taken to an alternate waste facility.
It is important to note that asbestos and commercial building materials are not considered as eligible flood waste for collection through this service.
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