Enhancements to Castle Hill and Sackville Cemeteries approved

Castle Hill and Sackville Cemeteries are set to be revitalised.

The Hills Shire Council has approved plans to enhance site amenity and burial capacity at Castle Hill and Sackville Cemetery sites. For Castle Hill approximately 5,000 new spaces will be provided with around 2,075 at Sackville Cemetery.

The Plan intends to improve visitor experience through the provision of wayfinding signage, safer access and the beautification of garden and bush settings.

The Concept Plan for Castle Hill Cemetery also includes a dedicated reflection and memorial garden area.

Mayor of The Hills Shire, Councillor Yvonne Keane said Castle Hill Cemetery is close to capacity yet is a popular choice for locals. The concept plan which identifies new ash, lawn and monumental areas will allow Council to extend the operation of the site past the current capacity.

“Cemeteries are important places for communities,” Mayor Keane said

“These improvements to Castle Hill and Sackville Cemetery will ensure they can continue to cater for the needs of our residents for years to come.”

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