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Winter Fun Unveiled

CHRG Invites Locals to Embrace the Season of Sports

With winter on the horizon, communities are gearing up for the winter sports season, and Castle Hill and its surroundings are no exception. Leading the charge is CHRG (Castle Hill RSL Group) – dedicated to providing diverse and engaging options for residents of all ages to stay active and involved.

Embrace The Season Of Winter Sports With Chrg

Beyond Soccer: Badminton and Swimming Galore
For those seeking different avenues of physical activity, CHRG offers the Castle Hill RSL Badminton Club and Castle Hill RSL Swimming Club. Whether it’s the fast-paced action of badminton or the refreshing waters of the swimming pool, participants of all ages can dive in and enjoy the benefits of staying active.

Football Frenzy with Castle Hill RSL Club Rockets FC
CHRG’s commitment to soccer shines through its Castle Hill RSL Club Rockets FC, offering opportunities for players of all ages to join in the excitement on the field. From youngsters just starting out, to seasoned veterans, there’s a place for everyone to hone their skills and be part of the team. The recent surge in registrations following the Women’s World Cup in Australia last year is a testament to the growing popularity of the sport within the community.

Youthfit Boxing Chrge Castle Hill Rsl Copy Winter Fun UnveiledCHRG’s Diverse Offerings
Brett Andrews, Group Head of Sport and Wellness at Castle Hill Fitness & Aquatic Centre, commented on the benefits of exercise “Physical activity offers so many benefits – improving cognitive performance, including concentration and memory. Exercise anLeo increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain, enhancing brain performance.” Andrews also notes the moodboosting effects of exercise, which can help improve mental well-being and academic focus.

Additionally, Castle Hill Fitness is excited to announce the return of the Youthfit Boxing class for its second year. This dynamic program aims to instill a love of fitness in young participants, while teaching valuable skills such as discipline and self-confidence.

How to Join the Action: Registration Details
To get involved in the winter sports season, simply reach out to CHRG via email at info@ Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or looking to try something new, there’s a place for you in the CHRG community of sub-clubs. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make winter memorable and stay active with CHRG!

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