Electronic signatures now being used by Council

When you next receive a letter from Council without a handwritten signature, please don’t worry, Council is taking the steps to move to electronic endorsement for all Council documents.

Moving to electronic signatures will help streamline processes and make it quicker and easier to do business with Council.

Letters from Council will have the contact person’s name and title at the end of the correspondence similar to an email signature block. Customers can rest assured that it is still a legitimate authorisation as the endorsement is protected by state of the art business systems that meet legislative requirements.

Matters of a legal nature, such as contracts, will continue to have a physical signature. Customers will still be required to sign forms and applications such as Development Applications as their electronic authorisation will not have the same level of security.

Council is also endeavouring to use email for the majority of its outgoing correspondence. When dealing with Council, staff will ask customers and businesses for their preferred method of receiving correspondence from Council in order to enhance the delivery of services and information.

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