Many pages might be filled with the most affecting Illustrations of the ravages of disease in domestic life among all classes. Disease is no respecter of persons – but space forbids going into further detail than appears hereunder, as the result of a pressman’s visit to Mrs Adelaide Hannah Staughton, of Holroyd Road, Merrylands.

“I’ve lived in this house sixteen years” said Mrs Staughton, “and know most of the folks about these parts, a good many of whom are aware that I found a grand remedy for indigestion some eighteen months ago, after I had been ailing a long, long while. Yes, it was Clements Tonic that cured me of my troubles, even after I had been under the care of doctors, and had taken endless varieties of other physics besides, all to no purpose.” “Of course I had given fair trail to, and was really disgusted with, everything in the shape of medicine, and had almost made up my mind not to waste any more money on it, but when I read a reference to Clements Tonic one day I really thought I had better try it, I was so ill and feeble – feeling in the morning as if I didn’t care for anything, no heart or soul to do even the very lightest of work. Sometimes , after a great struggle with myself, I’d make up my mind to do certain things during the day, but directly I started my energy was sadly wanting, and I’d have to confess that I was beaten. I was also terribly low spirited, with a continual feeling that something was going to happen, and so nervous that if I heard a sound it would set me in a state of tremor all at once. I had a strange drumming noise in the ears, too, especially when I was lying down at night, and as for having any sleep – well you’d scarcely believe a woman could live and have as little as I did”. “Oh! I’ve been fully a fortnight and not had anything like a decent night’s rest, and nothing wears one out more than that, you know; but when I had taken Clements Tonic a while the way I slept was something surprising. Its soothing effects were so great that I would doze off a few minutes after laying my head on the pillow, and not to wake up again till morning was a treat that I greatly appreciated. My appetite quickly came back, too, and so, by degrees, did my strength and it was when I was again able to get about and attend to my housework that I fully realised what a blessing it was to live and enjoy good health. Moreover, this latest medicine of mine was relieving my pains in a marvellous manner. I had been subject to vile attacks of headaches, and giddy feelings overtook me frequently, but less than a month’s use of Clements Tonic saw me entirely free from these troubles, and the oppressive feelings I used to have in the chest were also gone also. The bulged out feeling in the stomach after eating, the morning’s bitter taste and furred tongue, the nasty pains between my shoulders, and the distressing aches in the region of my loins – all these were long-standing afflictions which nothing in the world but Clements Tonic could eradicate, and that’s the sole reason why I tell everybody it is the best remedy procurable. It put an end to my nervousness in a way that would give hope to the most nervous woman in the land, and as a strength-restoring agent it will always be my privilege to recommend it s use to other afflicted persons.”

Some imitate our name. Some copy our label. And some plagiarise our advertisements. In fact, we are followed in everything but in the curative properties and therapeutic value of Clements Tonic. It is palpable enough for a dunce to see through, and needs but little comment from us. Every genuine article has to face such practices. A host of base imitations always follow in the wake of every genuine article.

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