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Dollars for Dignity raising money for emergency relief

The North West Business Chamber are hosting their annual fundraising campaign for Dollars For Dignity. This initiative funds the Emergency Relief program offered by Riverstone Neighbourhood Centre and Community Aid Service Inc. (RNC)

Our community have been impacted with a range of disasters, with both COVID and 4 floods in 18 months. In recent months we have seen a sudden spike in cost of living, with many struggling to secure and afford housing.

Since COVID arrived, we have seen a 300% increase in demand, with many diverse households struggling and seeking assistance with essentials. The demand is also increasing as our community has experienced significant population growth in recent years. (40,000 additional people living in our precinct -census 2021).

We have tremendous courage, resilience and generosity within our community to support people when times get tough. Sadly, it is not enough, and we need financial support to cover the gaps from the communities donated goods (eg, special dietary needs, medication, transport costs etc).

Our program recognises there are unique needs in each household, providing a person centred and trauma informed approach, and ensuring people in need can maintain a sense of dignity- hence the name of our campaign.

We have now launched our fundraising campaign, and our Ambassador, Allan Sparkes, former Deputy Commissioner of the Mental Health Commission of NSW and one of Australia’s most decorated citizens, has recorded a special message, and we ask that you take a few minutes to listen:

We now ask for your support in three ways:

1. Please donate to our Dollars For Dignity. It’s simple, use the QR code in the email signature below.

2. Please share this message with your networks

3. If you know someone that is struggling and living in our north west precinct, please encourage them to reach out

As a registered charity, RNC has DGR and PBI status, and all donations over $2 are tax deductible. We do not take any money for administration costs. All money donated benefits people in need.

We know that many are struggling financially, and we ask that those who have some capacity, donate what they can to a worthwhile local charity.

If you would like to know more, go to #dollarsfordignity

Dollars For Dignity

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