Million dollar makeover for Governor Phillip Park

Governor Phillip Park is set to receive a $1 million makeover including new gardens and avenue plantings, new park entry signage, bollard fencing and a carpark upgrade which will improve traffic flow and parking capacity for boat trailers. The project will be jointly funded by Hawkesbury City Council and the NSW Government as part of the Regional Recreational Trail Enhancement Project.

Situated in Windsor, and one of the main access points for boating on the Hawkesbury River, Governor Phillip Park is a well utilised park that is both a meeting place and a major boating events area.

The project is a “partnership between Council and the NSW Government to promote more effective public use of regionally-significant open space”, the Mayor of Hawkesbury, Councillor Mary Lyons-Buckett explained.

“It’s wonderful that Council has received $500,000 in funding from one of the longest running grant programs in Sydney, the Metropolitan Greenspace Program, through the Greater Sydney Commission,” the Mayor said.

The Metropolitan Greenspace Program supports local councils to improve regional open space by co-funding projects that enhance open spaces, parks, bushland, natural areas, waterway corridors and tree-lined streetscapes.

“It’s fantastic seeing places like Governor Phillip Park being upgraded because it shows our commitment towards better outcomes for our local community for health, sustainability and climate change.

“This strategic project will improve a regionally-significant open space which offers links between our park, Windsor Town Centre and our beautiful Hawkesbury River,” Mayor Lyons-Buckett continued.

“These improvements will encourage more people to come and enjoy the gorgeous green spaces that we have in the Hawkesbury for family gatherings and to relax while enjoying our natural waterways.

“Council is dedicated to providing improved community facilities in the Hawkesbury,” she said.

”This is about Council enhancing our community’s access to our beautiful river foreshore.”
Regional Recreational Trail Enhancement Project The Governor Phillip Park Regional Recreational Trail Enhancement Project is part of the implementation of the Windsor Foreshore Master Plan. The project will be rolled out in stages during 2018.

The Windsor Foreshore Master Plan was developed in 2016 in conjunction with user groups to improve the amenity of the park and to provide additional facilities to complement the existing function of the park.

Additional Council funding of over $600,000 will be used for staged works which will include a new playground, river bank stabilisation and new pathways where South Creek and the Hawkesbury River join.

The location of Governor Phillip Park is significant for a number of reasons including:

 Start of the Hawkesbury’s part of the Great River Walk

o The Great River Walk is one of the largest and most comprehensive regional trails that will become a significant tourist trail upon its completion, and Governor Phillip Park is part of this trail. The route extends from the park, South along George Street, linking to Thompson Square, Windsor – a Significant Heritage site, then follows the river through Howe Park to Deerubbin Park and then continues south on the road network to North Richmond and Yarramundi.

 Major intersection of three regional trails, Great River Walk, South Creek and Eastern Creek

o The South Creek is identified in the Greater Sydney Commission Draft West Strategy as a priority project and the section within Governor Phillip Park is the junction to the Hawkesbury River.

 Major Boating and river access point

o Significant recreational boating activities occur from this site and continual improvements to enhance the site will make this site even more popular.

 Major events area for river activity and community events

o The site has been used for major events held each year including the Bridge to Bridge Power Boat Race, Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Classic, Hawkesbury 120 Ski Race Classic, and the Powerboat Spectacular Windsor. In addition, the park has been used as a camp stopover for the charity cycling event – The Ride to Conquer Cancer.

It is estimated that there were 1,100 to 1,300 riders participating, with 250 crew, volunteers and staff also in attendance. The site also holds monthly Markets attracting significant patronage.


 Playground Replacement

o This site is a highly utilised area and is in need of replacement. Council is undertaking a major renovation of the play space that is unique to this site. It will be specifically designed to incorporate the elements of the Hawkesbury, the river, European heritage, native plantings and accessibility.

 Embankment Stabilisation

o The embankment of the Hawkesbury River has slowly eroded over time. Council intends to continue to promote the stabilisation of the embankment through rock armour and selected native plantings to ensure continued views and access.

 Car Park Improvements

o As part of the renovations program, improvements in car park supply and design will be made to cope with the increased patronage of boat users. Council received grant funding to improve the car park area for boaters including rigging sections and surfacing of existing car park areas.

 General Landscape

o General ongoing landscape works to enhance the site include new signage, gardens, bollards furniture replacement and renovation of existing shelters.


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