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Empowering Lives, Delivering Freshness!

Ban Empowering Lives, Delivering Freshness!

Established in 2022 Ben & Jimbo’s “Delivery with Ability” is a social enterprise with a heart.

Introducing a unique initiative where individuals with disabilities are not just service providers, but also empowered entrepreneurs running their own fresh produce delivery service… they have witnessed the transformative power of employment— building skills, boosting confidence, and enhancing the overall quality of life.

At Ben & Jimbo’s, they believe in creating a ripple effect of positive change. Their model goes beyond delivering fresh produce; it’s about fostering employment opportunities, providing mentorship, and creating valuable social interactions for individuals with disabilities.

Ben And Jimbos Ad 1 Empowering Lives, Delivering Freshness!

In collaboration with MD Fresh, they proudly serve the Sydney Metropolitan Area. Their partnerships with esteemed suppliers such as Nati Bros Roses and Infinity Bakery ensure that customers receive not only the freshest produce, but also support local businesses committed to quality and sustainability.

Ben & Jimbo’s commitment to the environment is reflected in their thoughtfully curated boxes. Partnering with MD Fresh allows them to reduce unnecessary packaging, therefore contributing to a greener tomorrow. You can enjoy the highest quality produce, at a remarkably competitive cost… while making a positive impact on the community.

By choosing Ben & Jimbo’s “Delivery with Ability”, you’re not just receiving a box of fresh produce; you are becoming a part of a movement. A movement that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and the beauty of empowering every individual to reach their full potential.

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