Deadly Parasites… It Isn’t Just Ticks That Kill!

Pet owners along the east coast of Australia are rightly concerned about the health and financial risks of paralysis ticks affecting their dogs, but canine heartworm is also deadly and has been called the ‘silent killer’ because of the tendency to overlook it until it is too late.

It has also been referred to as ‘a preventable condition that starts with a mosquito bite and ends with a long treatment or death’1.

Deadly heartworm infects the heart and lungs of dogs and cats and is spread by mosquitoes. One study from America showed that 70% of the mosquitoes living in the kennel of a heartworm-infected dog had the ability to spread the heartworm to other dogs.

As you might have gathered, at Sydney Animal Hospitals we want to prevent every nasty parasite that we can, and preferably do it from the time your puppy is born. We might not be able to stop mosquitoes biting your dog, but we sure can stop your puppy catching heartworm.

We know that pet owners are busy people. Kids…work…shopping… pets…catching up with friends and family. Our preferred mode of prevention is a vet-administered long-acting product for the prevention of heartworm in dogs. One less thing for you to remember. The wonderful news is that we can administer a dose of this long-acting product when you come in for your puppy vaccinations and it will protect your puppy.

Simplicity, convenience, and certainty against deadly heartworm infection.

This March, we are offering a FREE first dose of year-round heartworm prevention at Sydney Animal Hospitals for 12 week old puppies.

Contact us at Norwest on 8883 0411 or Kellyville on 8883 0533 to discuss your dog’s heartworm prevention to make sure they are adequately protected.

Sydney Animals Web Deadly Parasites… It Isn’t Just Ticks That Kill!

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