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Council Repairs Flood Damaged Roads

Council is committed to ensuring flood damaged roads are repaired as quickly as possible while ensuring the safety of motorists.

Highlights this week include:
? Colo Heights Road Bridge, Upper Colo – Construction is nearing completion as the bridge deck was poured last Friday 24 March.
? Thomas James Bridge, Settlers Road, Lower Macdonald – Tender for construction commenced on Monday 27 March and will be open for 3 weeks.
? Greens Road, Lower Portland – Wet weather has caused some delays and the closure of site 2 over the past few days. The contractor is working very hard to make the area safe enough to reopen soon.
? Cupitts Lane and Bensons Lane, Richmond Lowlands – Work is progressing at both sites however material shortages are ongoing and Council continues to work with their contractors to source supplies.

Council provides daily updates to the road maintenance and repairs program via our website.

For this week’s full roads update, please visit the Renewing Hawkesbury’s Roads Hub:

Click here to be taken directly to the interactive map:
Please note, this post is provided for your information only. Potholes and damaged roads can be reported to Council here:
Road 1 Council Repairs Flood Damaged Roads

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