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Condolences: Firefighter Michael Kidd

Firefighter Michael Kidd Condolences: Firefighter Michael Kidd

On 12th December, Hawkesbury City Council meeting, Councillors unanimously passed the following condolence motion in honour of Firefighter Michael Kidd:

“Today, our Hawkesbury community received the devastating news that a member of Fire and Rescue NSW lost their life whilst attending a blaze at Grose Vale.

On behalf of Hawkesbury City Council, we wish to extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends and colleagues (of Michael) and pay our respects for his service to our community. We know that this will be a very difficult and challenging time and truly convey our sorrow for this loss.

Our thoughts also extend to all working and volunteering in our emergency services as we learn of this tragedy. I would now like to pause for a moment in honour of his memory.”

Sarah Mcmahon - Mayor Of Hawkesbury

Sarah McMahon - Mayor of Hawkesbury

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