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ClubGRANTS 2024 Opens Doors for Local Initiatives

The Hills Shire ClubGRANTS for 2024 is set to kick off on February 1st, opening avenues for local community groups and projects to weave a tapestry of positive change.

Clubs have long been the backbone of communities, addressing needs from supporting returned servicemen to crafting sports facilities. In 2001, this commitment took a formal turn with the inception of ClubGRANTS, ensuring larger clubs in NSW played a pivotal role in enhancing the well-being of their communities.

Fast forward to 2022–23, and the commitment of these establishments has gone above and beyond, contributing a staggering $121 million—$50 million more than the mandated minimum. This not only showcases the industry’s dedication but also reflects the genuine desire to uplift disadvantaged groups.

A unique feature of the ClubGRANTS scheme is the local committee grant round. Clubs unite within a council area, forming a collaborative front in partnership with key government agencies to manage and review applications. This synergy aims to maximize the impact of every contribution, fostering a stronger sense of community.

Clubgrants 2024 Opens Doors For Local Initiatives
Some of the recipients of the 2023 clubgrants program.

The focus of the Hill Shire ClubGRANTS 2024 is on Category 1 projects, targeting local community groups and projects that contribute to the welfare and broader social fabric. From community welfare and social services to development, health services, and employment assistance activities, the scope is broad, addressing various facets of community well-being.

However, accessing these funds now involves a digital twist. As of September 1, 2022, all NSW clubs are mandated to process their community support through

Newcomers to the system must set up an applicant account, ensuring a completed organization profile—a gateway to unlocking the application process.

Once the digital groundwork is laid, applicants can navigate to the page, search for the Hills Shire Grant Round link, and submit their proposals. The QR code will help.

The ClubGRANTS Online system, introduced in compliance with the NSW Government’s guidelines, provides a streamlined process for applicants. However, for those treading these digital waters for the first time, the system offers step-by-step instructions under the ClubGRANTS Online Help page. And for any queries that might crop up along the way, a helping hand is just a click or two away.

In essence, the Hill Shire ClubGRANTS 2024 isn’t just about funds; it’s about fostering a community spirit, supporting grassroots initiatives, and ensuring that every contribution counts. Let’s weave a stronger fabric of community together!

Clubgrants Clubgrants 2024 Opens Doors For Local InitiativesThe QR code will help you get there.

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