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Cherrybrook Tech’s New Principal

Matt Townsend is the new principal of Cherrybrook Technology High School, one of the largest public schools in the State, after serving as Deputy Principal for the last decade.

The school is expected to have more than 2070 enrolled students in 2024, having welcomed 325 new Year 7 students for the new school year.

With more than 20 years of experience at the school, Mr Townsend has developed strong relationships with the staff, students and the Cherrybrook Tech community at large and is enthusiastic to be stepping into the principal role.

Mr Townsend said: “We are a very large school, but I’m lucky that I have strong systems and structures in place, as well as a great staff and school community around me to support our students to achieve their goals.”

Mr Townsend is one of 36 new principals in the Sydney metropolitan area, who Minister for Education and Early Learning Prue Car has said play an essential role in student learning.

“The new principals will bring plenty of energy, expertise and new ideas to the roles and I know that they can’t wait to get started,” she said. “I’m confident they will lead with dignity and kindness, setting our students up with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive.”

Cherrybrook Technology High School New Principal
Matt townsend

After teaching at various schools in Sydney’s West, Mr Townsend came to Cherrybrook Tech in 2001, teaching Technological and Applied Studies, Design and Technology, Industrial Technology and Engineering Studies, and later became the Head of Teaching and Learning.

For the past three years, Mr Townsend has helped to plan and develop Cherrybrook Tech’s recently completed STEM building, which features science laboratories and design spaces. Science and other STEM subjects are hugely popular at the school, and the new building will provide students with the resources they need to thrive in these subjects.

With his long-term tenure at the school, Mr Townsend is committed to leading the school with respect to its past. He said: “Cherrybrook Technology High School has a proud history of being a successful school, and I want to continue that legacy. Our core focus is on teaching and learning, professional development for staff that is critical to our students’ academic success.

“We’re also focused on accessing the best technologies and resources to provide strong support to our students so that they can achieve their very best across all domains.”

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