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Check Out Wisemans Ferry Park

Wisemans Ferry Park has reopened following flood damage repairs. The park has great walking tracks, electric and wood (bring your own wood) barbecues, picnic areas, children’s playground and amenities.

The Convict Road Kiosk has also reopened — and is open seven days a week. The park is located at the End of Old Northern Rd on the Hawkesbury River and is adjacent to the Ferry.

Wisemans Ferry encompasses a corridor of Wetlands Complex, which form part of the Wisemans Ferry Park. The wetlands complex provides important habitat for native fauna species (incl. frogs and small birds) and is one of the last stands of Wetland Complex within the Shire. The threatened species Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) is known to occur within Wisemans Ferry Park.

Dogs on leash are permitted in the park.

Image 22 Check Out Wisemans Ferry ParkImage 11 Check Out Wisemans Ferry ParkImage1 Check Out Wisemans Ferry Park

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