When Heritage Days restart at Bella Vista Farm, look out for Ann, Wendy and Jeanette.

The trio of friends believe they are caretakers of history for future generations. “It’s about the history of an object not its value. If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you are going” said Wendy. A lot of research and dedicated work over 30 years has produced a beautiful collection and invaluable knowledge.

Ann Waters learnt about Bella Vista taking a Probus group for a tour and joined five years ago.

Previously Ann and her husband Wally, raised sheep on large acreage in Lithgow. She ran a craft shop in the little township of Wallerawang outside Lithgow. Having decorated her front window with a spinning wheel she decided to take up the craft.

Ann brings this to Bella Vista wearing period costume and adds a delightful touch to Open Days. She is particularly interested in educating young people about sheep, where the wool comes from and its end product as she is amazed so many children don’t know.

Bella Vista’s latest addition to the flock ‘Blackie’, is a black sheep Ann knew as a lamb and convinced the committee to purchase.

Wendy Miller has known Ann for 38 years. They have a shared a passion for history and Wendy has recently joined as a Friend of Bella Vista. In 1991, at an evening college Antiques class, Wendy met

Jeanette Moles. They became friends and created a group called “Amateur Anteekers” with their husbands and others, meeting every fortnight sharing stories about antiques and conducting ‘show and tell’.

They travelled widely to regional towns collecting heritage laces, garments, antique furniture and china.

Later they branched off and formed a smaller group “Threads of Time” giving presentations and telling stories about their collection to church groups, retirement villages, and nursing homes.

Their antique pieces are unique and beautiful and their passion is as alive today as when they first began. Another skill is the delightful High Teas they host. There will be one at Bella Vista Farm’s Packing Shed. Once the world is back to normal, a date will be published.