Career Opportunities!

Local pump manufacturer, Aussie Pumps is looking for recruits to help its growing business expand. They need a Junior Administration Clerk.

The company’s product focuses on delivering better products that last longer, work better and are “greener” than imported competitors. They support a wide range of industries from farming, mining, cleaning, building and even Defence. Aussie Pumps is focused on designing and building the best self priming engine pumps and pressure cleaners in the world.

“It has been the company’s philosophy that the only thing that justifies our existence is helping our customers keep their properties, crops or in some cases, townships alive”, said Aussie Pumps’ Brian Cocker.

If you want to help the country grow, contact Aussie Pumps today. They are also looking for a Media Manager. So if you are highly literate and have had experience in media, or just looking for a change, call Aussie today.

For information and job descriptions, call or email Sonia Goodwin at [email protected] phone 8865 3500, it could change your life!

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