Bringing down the gavel for more commuter parking

More than two years ago, the State Government announced they would create more off-street parking for commuters using the M2- Oakes Road Interchange along The Hills – Parramatta border.

And on Friday, October 20 Mayor of The Hills Shire, Dr Michelle Byrne along with Parramatta Councillor Andrew Jefferies and Hills Shire Councillor Samuel Uno called on Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to deliver on their promise.

“The situation with commuter parking is atrocious,” Mayor Byrne said.

“It’s one of the biggest issues for people living on The Hills-Parramatta border. I’ve seen how people are made to park on busy streets, creating dangerous situations for other motorists and pedestrians.

“This is a massive issue which affects the quality of life of many residents, and when you have to park kilometres away and walk along a busy road, it really is a disincentive to use public transport,” Mayor Byrne added.

It was announced in March 2015, by the then Minister for Transport and now Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, that Carlingford would receive more than 275 parking spaces to help ease demand for easy and accessible parking along the bus corridor.

Councillor Jefferies said TfNSW had taken too long to resolve the commuter parking situation at the M2- Oakes Road Interchange and it was unfair for the small businesses at Carmen Drive to continue be penalised by a lack of parking space, caused by the demand for commuter parking.

“The Carmen Drive Community shops are important contributors to our local economy and the community of Carlingford and West Pennant Hills. The livelihoods of the owners are directly affected as local residents can seek out alternatives if they’re unable to find it easy to park and shop,” Clr Jefferies said.

“This issue has been ongoing for many years and I think everyone is over it. TfNSW need to find a solution and deliver an outcome for our community and local businesses. It’s as simple as that.”