Blocked Ears? The Benefits of Clean Ears and Ear Wax Removal

We’ve all been told not to put anything smaller than our elbows in our ears. We are constantly told that cotton buds should not be used to clean ears.

You may have even tried an ear cleaning spray from the chemist, but it doesn’t seem to work.

So how are you supposed to keep your ears clean? Techniques such as micro-suction, water irrigation and ear wax curettes can be used by trained and qualified hearing care professionals to safely remove ear wax from your ears.

The reason why hearing care professionals can safely put something smaller than your elbow into your ear canal, is because they have complete vision of your eardrum throughout the entire process.

When you use a cotton bud in your ears at home, you have no way of gauging how close you are to your ear drum. Most people will only work it out once it is too late, and the damage is done.

It is important to remember that not every person needs ear wax professionally removed from their ears. Ear wax only needs to be removed from the ear canal when it is starting to build up and block the ear, rather than naturally slowly making its own way out. You may need to have ear wax removed from your ears if you are experiencing any of the following sensations:

1. Your ears feel full or blocked
2. You have noticed your hearing is muffled or reduced
3. Your ears are painful
4. Water is getting trapped in your ears after swimming or showering
5. Your ears have started to ring or buzz (a sensation known as tinnitus)

Clean EarsThere are many reasons why it is important to have ear wax removed when it is blocking your ear canal. Firstly, ear wax build up can be painful and cause earaches and headaches. If you are prone to ear wax build-up, it is important that you regularly have the ear wax removed from the ear canal to prevent build up before it causes discomfort and pain.

When ear wax builds up and becomes impacted, this can cause hearing loss. This hearing loss can cause a lot of fear and panic as people only experience the sensation of reduced hearing when the entire ear canal becomes full of wax.

Also, many people do not know the cause of this hearing loss until a hearing care professional investigates the ear. This hearing loss can feel incredibly isolating and is very frustrating if you are trying to have conversations and work with a blocked ear.

Additionally, if one of our ears is blocked or full of ear wax, this can cause dizziness. People often feel dizzy because there is a difference between their ears. This disrupts the body’s sense of balance and equilibrium.

Keep in mind, we are meant to have ear wax in our ears as it helps our ears fight infections Although, if ear wax starts to build up in your ear and blocks the ear canal, it should be removed by a hearing care professional. If you are unsure if ear wax is causing your hearing concerns, you can book an appointment with a hearing care professional to look in your ears and find the cause to what you are experiencing.

Ear Studio, your local Audiology Competency Centre provide this service in a 30-minute appointment. At Ear Studio, if no ear wax is found in the appointment, this means ear wax is not the cause of your hearing concerns. The hearing care professional at Ear Studio will investigate the cause of your symptoms and provide you with a comprehensive medical report. Call Ear Studio today on (02) 9159 6122 or head to our website to book an appointment

Ear Studio is located at Suite 9/60 Cecil Avenue, Lawton House in Castle Hill. TRADING HOURS: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday by appointment only. “Proudly independent and locally owned.“

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