Black Box is a Beast

Australian Pump introduced the Black Box pressure cleaner to Australia around a year ago. During that period, professional and hobby farmers as well as tradesman of all types have changed their attitude towards a lightweight portable, pressure cleaner.

Aussie’s Black Box weighs in at 30kg and is built in one of Italy’s biggest pressure cleaner factories to exclusive specifications set by Australian Pump engineers.

Aussie’s Black Box has a 2,000 psi heavy-duty triplex pump with brass head and ceramic pistons. Although it’s built to a professional specification, it sells at a DIY price. The pump delivers 8 lpm and is equipped with a pressure unloader that doubles as a pressuresetting device.

The Black Box’s heavyweight 4 pole 1450 RPM motor is designed for long continuous service and includes a thermal dump valve to protect it from extended by-pass running.

The machine comes with a free turbo lance that gives it an effective working pressure of 3,400 psi. It also has a Vario lance that enables the operator to vary from high to low pressure and to adjust the nozzle spray from a direct jet to 40 degrees.

Tradies like the Black Box because the weight tells them they’re getting value for money whilst the compact design means it can fit in the back of a ute or in a toolbox.

The company has recently introduced a 15” flat surface cleaner with a brass swivel and steel cover to provide real flat surface cleaning efficiency. This accessory is well matched to the Aussie Black Box.

Further information on the Black Box is available by contacting Australian Pump Industries.

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