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A few related events occurred recently. My wife, whilst sorting through things to make room for more things (as you do), decided that perhaps we needed to throw some stuff out. Placed on my desk in front of the computer was laid a number of files with the instruction “to go through and sort out what I want to keep, and what to dispose of.”

I opened the first file and found an assortment of my press clippings from 1990, the second and third files similarly contained press clippings from later years. Looking through these clippings revealed to me that I first started writing for this publication when it was called the “Hills District & Toongabbie TV Guide & Entertainment Magazine”, with my first column, entitled “Vote”, appearing in the issue of February 16, 1990.

The choice of the word “Vote” was because the aim of that column was to educate and inform readers of the complexities and issues relating to voting and 1990 was an election year. As an employee of the Australian Electoral Office (later Commission) for 25 years, and Divisional Returning Officer for Parramatta until 1993, I was keen to ensure readers of how their vote would be counted correctly, as I did point out what constituted a formal vote, and an informal vote, according to the rules in place at the time.

The “Vote” column continued to be published until at least March 1991. By early 1992, it had been replaced by “Ivor’s Column” which continued for a number of years along with my other offerings in the same publication, “From The Pages Of The Past” and “Hills Happenings by Bill”.

During this time the publication was being printed and published by Ron Stettler Printing in Reynolds St Toongabbie. By 1993, I was also writing a column, “Ivor’s Galston Comments” in the, then, “Galston News” also printed by Stettler’s. “Ivor’s Roundup” appeared in 1994 in the “Dooral Roundup” and around that time the “Hills News” invited me to write pieces for them which I did for a few months.

However, in 1996-97 I put away my writing for a while and my wife and I started a new enterprise which grew into one of the largest private election companies in NSW providing election services to registered clubs, credit unions and other non-profit organisations. That business “Metro-Poll Elections” continues to operate under new ownership as a division of the Australian Election Company and is now based in Queensland.

In February 2015, I recommenced writing for the former “Hills TV Magazine” now renamed “Hills to Hawkesbury” with a column named “Memories with Ivor Jones & Friends”. In July 2016, I added a photographic page called “As We Were”.

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Recently, at the February Open Day at Bella Vista Farm, Marge Leary, a volunteer, asked me about something she once read about a lady who had serialised her younger days growing up. I immediately thought of Mary Leonora Smith whose life had been serialised in this column over three years ago during November and December 2020. Mary Leonora (Noreen) Smith featured in this publication once again in January of this year upon celebrating her 100th birthday. I had just seen this article in the aforesaid clippings and was able to pinpoint Marge’s enquiry.

Another co-incidence is that Michelle Byrne, in her “Out and About” column in the last issue of this publication, wrote of the Radio Station “Alive 90.5” based at Baulkham Hills. As a former presenter and Chairman of the Board of that station during its early years, I covered that portion of my life in the media within my “Memories” column in the issue of 5th November 2021 which can still be found in our on-line issue of that year.

I enjoy what I do and hope to continue to write about things that interest me and work with people I like for as long as I am able. I have never sought payment for any of my articles even though I had been approached by another publication who offered me employment at one time.

A note that the Stettler family sold the “Hills TV Magazine” back in the 1990’s and the “Hills to Hawkesbury” is now owned by the Compton Media Group and published by Adephi Printing. Diana Paton has kept the Community focus that was a hallmark of the Stettler-Touzel founding families, a focus which I enjoy.

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