Birdwatching Walk at Castle Hill

As part of the National Bird Week Celebrations, ready your shoes for a birdwatching walk at Elizabeth Chaffey Reserve on a Sunday morning.

Breakfast With Birds And Birdwatching
A eolophus roseicapilla, or commonly known as galah, is an australian cockatoo and is found throughout the continent © via the community environment centre

Join one of the Hills Shire Council’s environmental workshops, this time on a guided birdwatching walk, at Castle Hill on Sunday, 22 October 2023.

The Elizabeth Chaffey Reserve offers plenty of understorey plants suitable habitats for various bird species, which are visible especially during the morning hours. The session is part of the National Bird Week celebrations, one of Australia’s many citizen science events, and will run from 16 to 22 October 2023.

“We will also discuss the local Bushcare group at Elizabeth Chaffey reserve and how you can help them restore key bird habitat…The event will consist of a guided bird walk run by bird expert Andrew, and a catered breakfast,” the announcement stated.

The walk will begin at 8:00 in the morning and end at 10:00 AM. Everyone interested is advised to bring sunscreen, drinking water, and binoculars, and wear a hat and enclosed shoes.

The Elizabeth Chaffey Reserve, located at 99Z Kings Road in Castle Hill, will be the venue for Sunday’s event. Parking will be at the Kings Road, Castle Hill.

Reservations can be made online via Eventbrite here: Breakfast with Birds.

Along with Breakfast with Birds in the Hills Shire, bird conservation organisation BirdLife Australia plans to lead the Aussie Bird Count. Now in its 10th year, the annual event unites amateurs and enthusiasts in their own properties, play areas, and parks in counting how many birds they spot within 20 minutes.

To register for the Bird Count, visit BirdLife’s Aussie Bird Count website here

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