Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra’s 2023 Concert Season

This year, the Orchestra celebrates its 10th anniversary exploring historically informed performance through memorable concerts and enriching education programs – with a series of concerts that journey from the luxury of Vienna to the rugged landscapes of Scotland, from the close intimacy of chamber music to the grandeur of the full orchestra. In honour of Richard Gill AO, Founding Artistic Director, the orchestra continues his extraordinary legacy every day.

For this Concert Season, music lovers are welcomed to concerts and music education programs presented throughout the year across Australia’s eastern seaboard. In addition to the mainstage concert series, our unique music education programs will be performed; the Voyage of Musical Discovery, designed for intergenerational audiences to explore compositional links and similarities in Australian contemporary music alongside Classical and Romantic works, and the Young Mannheim Symphonists, created for secondary and tertiary students, and emerging artists to nurture and develop the next generation by offering historical perspectives and insights.

“We are so excited to be celebrating our 10th anniversary with our incredible audiences, generous donors, patrons and supporters, government funding bodies and presenting partners who have been with us along the way,” Co-Director, Rachael Beesley said. Fellow Founder and Co- Director Nicole van Bruggen adds: “We are hugely thankful for all the support that enables us to continue to inspire, educate and enlighten. Onwards and upwards!”

First concert – Mozart Clarinet Quintet, Schubert & Hummel (Viennese Vogue)
Johann Nepomuk Hummel – Clarinet Quartet in E flat major, S.78
Franz Schubert – String Trio in B flat major, D.471
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Clarinet Quintet in A major, K.581

Mozart Clarinet Quintet, Schubert & Hummel (Viennese Vogue) explores the explosion in popularity of the clarinet in the late 1700s when the instrument was brought to the fore as a soloist, and became heavily featured in chamber music. Much of this is due to the great virtuoso Anton Stadler, whose expressive playing awakened everyone to the instrument’s possibilities – especially Mozart, who fell in love with the clarinet, describing it as the instrument closest to the human voice. He wrote his Clarinet Quintet for Stadler, a work that remains among Mozart’s most beloved compositions centuries later. It also directly inspired his one-time student and protégé Johann Nepomuk Hummel, whose Clarinet Quartet is a beautifully balanced work of chamber music that demonstrates his significance as a bridge between the Classical and Romantic eras.

The first concert will be performed at The Hills Grammar School Kenthurst on Tuesday 14 March, 6.30pm.

Other dates and concert details at Hills Grammar can be accessed at sydney.Tickets available at or by calling 1300 798 224. Tickets are $15-$55.00.

March 2023 Hero Australian Romantic &Amp; Classical Orchestra’s 2023 Concert Season

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