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Australia wraps up Futsal Series at 2-0 against the Solomon Islands in Dural

The Centre in Dural hosted PacificAus Sports’ second and third matches in the International Futsal Series between Australia and the Solomon Islands.

Australia wrapped up the 3-part futsal series at 2-0, with a 1-1 draw in the first match at the Sydney Heffron Centre on 1 July 2023.

The second game occurred on 3 July, Monday, with Australia winning the match 3-2. Goals came from Daniel Fornito, Scott Rogan, and Grant Lynch.

On 6 July, Thursday, the Footsalroos closed the series with an exciting 5-3 win. Jordan Gurreiro scored the first and second goals, while Daniel Fogarty closed the third for Australia. Soloman Islands’ intense offence and defence answered these, bringing their goals to three. Daniel Fornito and Fogarty ultimately wrapped the futsal series with their final two goals.

The Footsalroos At The International Futsal Series

The Footsalroos


The PacificAus Sports Futsal Series is the result of a partnership between Football Australia and Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs, through PacificAus Sports.

The Centre, one of the premier futsal venues in Sydney, has a long connection with futsal in the Solomon Islands.

Mr Craig Glasby, General Manager of The Centre, said “The Centre has a long partnership with our friends in the Solomon Islands, after first connecting in the year 2000. Having ‘introduced’ Futsal to the Solomon Islands way back in 2002, it was fitting The Centre would host two magnificent Futsal games between Australia and the Solomon Islands.”                 

“The atmosphere was electric and the Futsal excellent. We believe that over 800 people were able to take in the action over the two nights,” he said.

Julian Leeser Mp And The Australian Futsal Team At The Futsal Series

Julian Leeser MP with Australia’s Footsalroos


Julian Leeser MP, the Federal Member for Berowra, who attended the third match, described the experience as a “truly thrilling game.”

“It is fantastic to see a great local sporting venue like The Centre in Dural host multiple games in an international sporting series.”

“I want to congratulate Football Australia, the Solomon Islands Football Federation, The Centre, and the players, staff, and supporters of both the Australian and Sri Lankan teams who all worked hard to bring together this exciting series.”

Images belong to Football Australia and Julian Leeser MP, respectively.

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